Welcome to Peace Mennonite Community Church! 

We are YOUR church.

Peace Mennonite Community Church was founded in 1987 to serve the Aurora and surrounding areas . . . and we welcome all. 

We are consistently known as a warm, friendly community church, with representation from ALL walks of life and prior denominations.

Our church offers many fellowship activities to encourage connections with each other and with Christ as we continue to build a community of love and service. Our Sunday School meetings and our worship services are always firmly grounded in Scripture. 

We are enjoy meeting newcomers and will make you feel comfortable and right at home!  When you arrive, you will find that our members are dressed fairly informally. Children are welcome to participate in the service, and we have a nursery for ages 0-2. Children participate in their own children’s church and are also included from time to time in the adult service with children’s stories, performing special music and in many other ways that make them feel valued. 

Our current worship service is very innovative.  We know of no other church doing quite what we do.  We start the service with singing and sermon.  After the sermon,  we offer a Bible Reflection time in different ways  to integrate the teaching from the service into our lives.  The first Sunday of Every Month we hold our Community Sunday which is more typical worship service which includes our missions and member highlights and testimonials which is followed by a potluck downstairs.  You are welcome to join in on any of these service options when you arrive. . . or contact the pastor to discuss what you are looking for in a church to see if we are a fit for your needs.