Tim Davis

Pastor and Counselor

Pastor Tim and Wife

I have a varied background that uniquely suits me to a ministry of healing and reconciliation for people. Probably most impactful is that I was raised in an environment that caused me to question the meaning of life at many levels.

Not being immersed in church life, I tried a variety of different religious perspectives and philosophies before finally coming to a personal faith in God as revealed by Jesus Christ.

It is this relationship with God through Christ that brought the needed meaning and direction in my life that then brought healing and health to my personal life, my marriage, my family, and my friendships.

Having been through this spiritual journey has enabled me to relate to people from a broad variety of backgrounds with a non-judgmental attitude. I believe that God genuinely cares for and desires to help all people.

In pursuit of living out the healing ministry of Christ, I have studied and completed academic work in both theology and counseling. As such, I believe I am better prepared to help people with their spiritual and relational needs in a way that fosters growth and well-being.

All in all, I believe that:

Our relationship with God is the key to living a life with meaning and joy, more than merely existing which so many of us just do. To quote the scripture, “To live is Christ.” I believe that it is this vital relationship with God through Christ that answers life’s deepest questions.

Contact Pastor Tim Davis directly at: timdavispmcc@yahoo.com

 Adam Strode

Millennial Pastor

I grew up in an unchurched home but through the persistent prayer and invitation of a friend accepted Christ as my Savior.  After graduating from high school I entered the Marines and served a term in the middle east.  I returned to complete my degree and serve God through a ministry on Colfax.

During my service with homeless and disenfranchised on Colfax, I sought a congregation with my millennial.  A suggestion from a friend pointed me towards the Mennonite denomination.  At Peace Community Church, I and my wife found a home . . . and they joined us in serving the Colfax ministry.

A year later, they supported our calling to serve the Lord overseas.  Yes, this small congregation which supports many missions projects around the world, pulled together funds to send us to Thailand.  We have returned home and now serve as the Millennial Bible study pastor at this church.

Contact mailto:pmccsecretary@comcast.net to reach me.